TOPS4TRUCKS (Dealers In Performance)

started life as Long Buckby Motors in 1923 in a small village. The business consisted of a repair workshop and petrol station. Since John Bass bought the business in 1989, it has grown considerably but still retains the original values of providing quality and customer service.

John heads up a team of dedicated staff with over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge
in the motor trade industry.

In 2002, a new purpose built facility was acquired in Daventry. Standing In over an acre of ground in the new Browns road development park, we are ideally positioned to meet the current and future requirements of our customers.

We now specialise in truck tops and associated accessories for the 4×4 market.

As well as truck tops, we supply roller shutters, roll bars, A bars,Light guards and many other enhancements for your 4×4 vehicle.

Over the years we have supplied a range of Canopies and products from various manufacturers.

We have learnt that the cheapest is not always the best, and as with anything else, it is normally quality that is compromised by cutting costs. Recently, while visiting Thailand, where the Majority of Truck-tops are manufactured, we visited various companies on a fact finding mission.

We were looking for both quality and value for money, from a manufacturer that was capable of supplying a product that was also acceptable to be used as original equipment.

The company that met all of these requirements is AVENGER 4×4 ACCESSORIES.

When we visited their factory we followed the manufacturing process from the fibre-glass mould, to the painting and water testing procedures, quality control, and the final loading onto the container.

Having seen the process first hand, we have no doubt that AVENGER are streets ahead of the competition.


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